Thursday, September 09, 2004

Some nifty Internet utilities

In recent times, there has been flurry of activities in the area of Internet based utilities. Reminds me of the dot-com boom period (oops !!!), when innovation were dime a dozen. Anybody remember all the sites with storage on the net (xdrive and others), with apps and desktop on the net and what have you.
Well, some of the utilities that I have been regularly using are
1. delicious. Spelt , a bookmarks manager which aggregates bookmarks and suggests new ones. The best thing I like about this site is the ability to assign multiple categories to the added bookmarks. There are other features, which I will put down some other time.
2. Feedburner. What do you do when some sites do not support RSS format for syndication and support only atom ?? You turn to Feedburner . Just point it to your atom.xml and watch it burn your feed to desired result !!! The "subscribe me" button on this page is courtsey FeedBurner.
3. Bloglines. I have junked my desktop RSS aggregator; the most excellent RSSBandit. Bloglines is fast, gives me overall view of the feeds at one go and available on either of the operating systems that I use (Windows XP/Suse Linux).
There are more, but I think this is enough for now.
BTW, here is my blogroll at bloglines and here are my delicious bookmarks

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