Thursday, June 24, 2004

Restarting ...

I am starting to blog again. As I look behind, I find that I started this blog back in Nov. 99. That was the time when was setup by Evan Williams. I used to follow Dave Winer's weblog called Scripting and was impressed by the concept. BTW, I still follow Dave's blog. At that time I only used to collect links and blog them. Guess I was "linkblogging" much before Erik coined the term !!! Anyways, after a long hiatus, I am planning to restart posting interesting links that I come across alongwith some comments (intelligent, smart or plain smartass ones). So, keep watching this space !!! P.S. One thing to note is the linkrot that has happened over the years. If you click on the links of some of my old posts, you will reach the 404 !!! So, please bear with the old ones :-)

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